Working Bikes

Founded by Lee Ravenscroft By: Jonas Monieson

About Working Bikes

Working Bikes was founded in 1999 by an innovative, and creative thinking Lee Ravenscroft. Working Bikes is a company that takes in old, unused bikes and dontates them to people who live in underprivileged communities and countries. Ravenscroft came up with the idea when he noticed a truck was taking a stack of old bicycles to the dump. He then decided to follow the truck and take all of the bikes to donate them.

He continued to take bikes from the dump, until he realized that he should take his donations to the next level and make it a business. Ravenscrorft knew his business would be successful because bicycles not only are a way of transportation, but they also create jobs and ways to transport goods in undeveloped communities. Plus, the people living in these communities would be thrilled to receive some bicycles.


Lee Ravenscroft vs. James Cameron

A similarity between Ravenscroft and Cameron is that they both work hard to achieve their goals. In addition, they both started off as nobody's but followed a dream and became successful. However, they are different because Ravenscroft is all about giving and donating, while Cameron is more focused on getting another academy award.