Marco Polo

By: Madeline Larson

Early Life

Marco Polo was an Italian merchant born in Venice, he was the son of Niccolo Polo, and the nephew of Maffeo Polo (his family was very small). Marco always traveled to new places to discover how things worked. He had influence many people throughout his life with his teachings. He even had a book, II Milione, that was practically a journal of Marcos adventures. Everyone loved it because his teachings in the book influenced so many people. His book sold thousands of copies.

Achievements and Discoveries

Marco Polo explored China and Asia. Marco, his father, and his uncle set off for Asia and his adventures were later recorded in his book.

Marco’s book II Milione describes his travels and experiences, it sold thousands of copies everywhere because people loved it so much.

his travels helped introduce Europeans to Central Asia and China,

he was the first European to reach china and leave detailed chronicle of his experience

He influenced European Cartography.

Impact on The World

His travelings went worldwide after he published his book “The adventures of Marco Polo”, his teaching helped many people figure out how big the world was. He also traveled from Europe to China and stayed there for many years. He brought back experiences, goods, and created the early Silk Road. He also introduced silk and gun powder to the chinese while he was in Asia.

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