Comparison of World Religions

Kara Ridlehuber


  • When Jesus Christ was born
  • Jesus Christ
  • Monotheistic, God
  • There is only 1 God, who watches over and cares for his people. Jesus Christ was the son of God. He died to save humanity from sin. His death and reassurection made eternal life possible for others.
  • In Judea
  • 1st Century
  • Noah's Ark. People in the world were very evil and corrupt. They didn't think that they needed God. So God got very angry and wanted to destroyed the world and make it again and start over. One day he realized that Noah was the only righteous one on the planet. He used him to build the ark. The ark was a very big boat that he and his family would use to survive. God told Noah that one day, he would flood the earth for 40 days and nights. He had to get a pair of each animal so they could multiply when it was over and make more to fill the earth again. Noah did as God said and then the 40 days and nights passed and they waited for a sign for the land to be dry so they could leave off of the boat and eventually it came.
  • 2 billion people worldwide.
  • The Great Commission
  • The Bible
  • Priest, Ministers, Monks and Nuns
  • The Preacher/Pastor are in charge and the congregation is underneath their authority.


-It started with a prince, who rebelled against oppressive religious practices by his royal family.

-Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha

-Monotheistic, Buddha

-They believed in three universal truths and 4 noble truths. People achieved complete happiness and peace by getting rid of worldly things. They also believed Nirvana and that was reached by following the Noble Eightfold Path.


-Within the time period 500 B.C.

-"It was okay to start small."

-362 million people worldwide

-The main spread of Buddhism began with the Silk Road.

-The "Tripitaka"was one of their books but, they didn't just have one book. They had many, such as "Dhammapada" was also one of them.

-Buddhist monks and nuns

-Buddha and then his followers

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  • *It was taught to be spread.
  • *Chinese scholar named Confucius.
  • *Polytheistic.
  • *One of their beliefs were the practices of reaching social harmony. They also believed in the five cardinal relations which included the Ruler , father and then the son, husband and wife, elder and younger brother, and then lastly friend to friend.
  • *Start within China.
  • *It started during in 551-479 B.C.
  • *One important parable is the importance on respect that you gave to your parents. They also believe in a systems that means you have to have complete obedience and respect for ones parents.
  • *6,300,000 people who follow the religion.
  • *It was spread by Confucius . After a period of time it then later began to affect peoples religious aspects.
  • *There are numerous Holy Books within the religion but he main one used is known as "The Analects."
  • *There are no different role in the religion just scholars who studied it.
  • *Confucianism doesn't have a leader because there is no god or prophets so I would assume the leadership started with Confucius and then continued to his students other citizen who spread it.
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