9th grade english class

Rich Nesbit


English 9 is a class that at some points can be very hard and very easy. You always have to pay attention not matter what is happening. Some easy parts are book talks if you read your book. The teacher will also give you time in class to read your book. A hard part is staying organized. With all the papers you get it is very hard to stay organized.


In english you will read many short stories and also take multiple test on them. You will also create your own poem at the end of the year. Some of the stories you will read are The Most Dangerous Game, The Cask of Amontillado, and The Scarlet ibis etc. You will also read divergent and watch the movie. In the book there are some interesting parts but i would say the movie is a lot more interesting.

Independent Reading/Book Talks

Independent reading is worth a lot of points, so you have to read your book on your own. In order to do the book talk you fill out post it notes and put them in parts of the book that catch your eye. You will also do a book talk with Mrs. Allen. You literally talk about the book and tell her your favorite parts.


What i liked best was reading the book divergent. Divergent was very interesting because you were put into a faction with a group, you worked with that group throughout the book. You will also watch the movie. The movie is very interesting because there are people in each faction and they have to overcome challenges.

Not So Favorites

My not so favorite was reading monster. Monster to me was just like a dragging story. It mainly talked about a kid who was innocent the whole time. Steve harmon is the main character, and he doesn't even cause any trouble.


My Advice to Everyone taking English, is to focused, stay organized and do your work. If you don't stay focused organized and do your work, you wont pass the class. English is one of the main classes that you want to pass.

Top 5 Ways To Stay Organized

1. Keep all papers and put them in your binder

2. Keep Locker clean

3. Pay Attention

4.Do your assignments

5. Work Efficently


All we can do is go with what we are -Rocky