Forensic Scientist

What Does It Take?

Forensic Scientists provide unbiased scientific evidence for use in courts of law to support the prosecution or defense in criminal and civil investigations. They collect and analyse physical evidence and write reports after their investigations.

Typical Work Day

2 out of 7 days is out of the laboratory

-weekly work hours: around 40 hours


Work is at a laboratory or a crime scene. Sometimes in court.

-analysing samples.

-examining crime scenes.

-sorting evidence.

-record findings.

Education/Skill/Personality Requirements

-minimum: Bachelors Degree

-biology, toxicology, and chemistry

-logical/analytical approach

-patience and concentration

-detail oriented



-median: $48,000

-Texas average: $47,000

(3rd highest employment)

Job Outlook

-6% (slower than average) 2020-2021

-strong competition: substantial interest in job

-number of jobs in 2012- 12,900

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