Ergonomics with Technology

keep yourself happy and healthy

What are Ergonomics?

Ergonomics are techniques that make a workplace more suitable, convenient and worker-friendly for employees to preform their job. Since most of society is now based on technology, it's important to know, recognize and use ergonomics principals on the job and for everyday tasks.

What are the benefits of Ergonomics?

Ergonomics improve your work environment. Ergonomics can help reduce pain, future accidents and injuries. Technology can cause a lot of problems that not many of us know about. Ergonomics can prevent problems like eye strain, back pain, musculo-skeletal injuries. These injuries can cause bigger problems like disabilities. Ergonomics can also improve skills like maintaining good posture, improve hand-eye co-ordination, improves hand writing, saves valuable time and can ensure a good position for a job. Using ergonomics with technology can improve your daily life by a lot.

Examples of Ergonomic tools and techniques

There are many tools and techniques that count as ergonomics to benefit you. For example the most important tools are an adjustable/ padded chair, proper/comfortable clothes, wireless mouse with pad, document holder, proper lighting and temperature. The most important ergonomic techniques when using technology are good posture, body position, fingers curved, feet flat on floor, finger on home row keys, quiet shoulders and elbows and finally eyes on copy. You must utilize try to utilize these tools and techniques when using technology.

Example of using Ergonomics

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Example of not using Ergonomics

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How you can ensure to utilize Ergonomics in your daily life

There are many ways to include ergonomics with your working environment. Whether its from the way you sit, to how your office is set up, there are many ways to enhance your use of technology.
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So in conclusion make sure you use ergonomics with any technology usage during your daily life to benefit yourself as well as to keep you safe and healthy. make sure to spread the awareness to anyone you know that uses a computer, it may help save their life.

By: Ashira Alishaw