Student Weekly News

By:Catelyn And Pamela Note: CATELYN IS AWESOME!!

This is Catelyn and Pamela's weekly newsletter!

Every week we give out three or more items! It depends on what we have, though.Make some request for us each week and we will listen.


Each week we are doing a give away we will create a sign up form and it will be on mrs.baxters desk.details about toys below.

Our Trading boxes

Your choice is guaranteed!

Some stuff in our trading box

We officially have a trading box! It has stuff like new pens, TFK magazines, eraser's, and more! But the only thing is, you have to trade. If you want to trade, please sign the trading paper.We will keep the paper on Mrs. Baxters desk.

Trading box

If you have things you don't need bring them to Catelyn or pamela and we will take it and in return we will give you something from the trading box.