First Year Dialogue

Weekly Newsletter

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Dear FYD Facilitator,

Happy October from the Office of First Year Programming! Please see below for important announcements, including new attendance policy procedures and opportunities for Marhaba feedback.

Kind wishes,

Mary, Samantha, Pam, & Kholoud


Moving forward, the OFYP would prefer facilitators fill out the Absentee Form (On the FYD Site homepage) or via the link here <> for all cases of absentee students. We will follow-up with the student with a make-up assignment.

If there is a chronic absentee issue, please email Samantha.

Marhaba 2015 Feedback

During the course of the next few weeks, the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of First Year Programming will be coordinating several avenues for Marhaba 2015 feedback. This will include: student assessments, staff/Marhaba volunteer focus groups, student orientation leader focus groups, and first year student focus groups. Please see below for dates and details.

Encourage your FYD students to sign-up (via the Portal or Facebook) for the focus groups. You should also sign-up for a staff focus group. Links are on the Portal and on the FYD Site homepage.

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Library Assignment Message

*This message has also been posted on the Student Portal

Over half the first year class has completed the library assignment; however, Librarian Meggan Houlihan has decided to add some extra classes. Dates are below, on the Student Portal, and on the FYD Site.

  • Sunday: 10/25 at noon and 5pm
  • Monday: 10/26 at 9am and noon
  • Tuesday: 10/27 at 1pm and 7pm
  • Wednesday: 10/28 at 6:30pm
  • Thursday: 10/29 at noon

Updated Bystander Intervention Room Assignments

*Please note some locations have changed

Monday, Oct. 19th:

(West Forum) <-----NEW LOCATION!

1. Brittany McDaniels-FYD21

2. Joshua Mussa-FYD26

3. Vic Lindsay-FYD27

4. Elaine Schreifer-FYD28

Monday, Oct. 19th:

(A6, 001C) <-----NEW LOCATION!

1. Goffredo Puccetti-FYD30

2. Lindsay Smith-FYD31

3. Donna Eddleman-FYD32

4. Michele Musselwhite-FYD34

5. Jenn Gerdes-FYD29

CDC Assignment Update

The CDC has created a small flyer for you to share with your FYD section. We have printed them and they are available on Samantha's front table. Please come by and collect a stack for your FYD section. If you are unavailable to come, let us know and we will deliver them to you.

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  • This year, our office will seek optional ongoing feedback as you progress through your seminar. At any time, go to the FYD Site and submit feedback on a particular session and/or session activity via the Ongoing Feedback tab.
  • You can offer feedback related to seminar content or logistics.
  • At the optional workshops, you will also have the opportunity to share feedback face-to-face. There will also be an assessment in the spring.