So far we've had a Quiz on Vocabulary words (10):

Title Bar, Backstage View, Status Bar, Ribbon, Quick Access Tool Bar, Scroll Bar, Word, Excel File and Window. We will have another quiz next Friday!

Many of our class quizzes are in

  1. Students must go to the site and joinroom BIM1RMB130
  2. Student name must be entered with Last Name, First Name

Note: If a quiz was missed student must remind teacher to open site to take quiz, if you have been absent or are homebound it is your responsibility to contact teacher during school hours to make-up the quiz.

Starting this week all students are multitasking...

Multitasking is an operating system feature that allows more than one application to run at a time, allowing our students to perform several tasks simultaneously. :)

Wednesday, September 9

Today we completed the Profession/Occupation Assignment, last time to turn in is tomorrow Thursday during the first 15 minutes of class! Don't be late...

Form must be stapled to the printout and turned in!

Thursday, September 10

Today we will work on Chapter 1 Practice, get introduced to more Vocabulary and continue practicing Course Lessons Unit 1 in Edutyping.

Let me know if you don't have an access ticket to

Friday, September 11

Today you need to bring your Tablets, turn in any late work and continue with Unit 1 Edutyping.