A great place to visit

Major cities

The capital of Quebec is Quebec City.

Another important city in Quebec is Montreal.

Montreal is Quebec's largest city.

Major Landforms

Quebec looks like a tall province.

Some mountains in Quebec are: Mount Royal and Mount Albert.

Some rivers and lakes in Quebec are: Hudson Bay, James Bay, St. Lawrence River, Lake Champlain and Lake Minto.

Natural resources

In Quebec they mine gold, iron and zinc. The iron can be used to make tools.

Some crops are grain, corn, soybeans, strawberries. These are crops we can eat!

Tourism - Three interesting places to visit in Quebec:

  1. Old Quebec - is full of history and old buildings, like
  • Chateau Frontenac:
  • is the world's most photographed hotel
  • it overlooks the St. Lawrence River for over 100 years
  • construction began in 1892

2. Hotel de Glace:

  • the hotel is entirely made of snow and ice
  • it is the only hotel made of ice in North America

3. Quebec Winter Carnival:

  • is the world's largest winter carnival
  • they have activities like ice canoe races, snow bath, snow sculpture competition and parades


  • Quebec is a province in East Central Canada
  • Quebec is the largest province by area
  • It is west of Ontario, Nunavut is top the North, the Unites States is to the South, and Newfoundland is to the East

Wonder questions

  1. How old is Quebec?
  • Quebec was founded on October 7, 1763

2. What is the population of Quebec?

  • Quebec's population is 8.215 million

3. What does the Quebec flag look like?

  • The Quebec flag is blue and white with four white fleur-de-lis (flowers) in each corner