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Professional development should never be boring and tiresome. Education and learning come in many many forms. Journal articles, online learning, formal learning given through a university or Tafe, hands on learning, reflective learning or you maybe lucky enough to have an exceptional mentor.

Identify areas you are interested in, and/or lack skill and knowledge and research possibilities to improve in this area.

Competency 4.2 of the National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse states that the Registered Nurse participates in profesional development to enhance there nursing practice. This may be anything from dementia care, to palliative care, advanced care directives, leadership skills, wound management, and many more. The list is endless. Professional Development Forums are held 2nd monthly in facilities to help with professional development. There are also many resources for you to access including UCA Care Practice Development Program modules, online learning and Aged Care chnnel DVD's and resources. Revive your lust for learning and see your learning and development team today.

PDF Palliative care and Advanced Care Planning. Elanora Wed Dec 4th. 2-3pm.

Your Professional Portfolio

A Professional Portfolio is a reference folder that allows nurses to gather evidence that they can use to demonstrate their goals, competencies, career achievements and accomplishments and experiences. A portfolio can also be used as a record of ongoing professional development. A portfolio can be used to provide evidence of the skills and abilities of nurses, being an avenue to demonstrate reflective practice and professional growth over time.

A portfolio is a useful tool which will help you to present your knowledge, experience and expertise when seeking:

· Employment

· Professional opportunities or recognition

· Recognition of prior learning and experience

· To identify needs for continued personal and professional development

· To demonstrate maintenance of competence and continuing professional development as required for renewal of registration / enrolment.

If you would like help with the presentation of your Professional portfolio please see you local CNC or Learning and Development Team.

UTAS Massive Open Online Course. Understanding Dementia.

The learning and development team South would like to acknowledge the work of staff who have taken their precious time to increase their knowledge and understanding of Dementia. Staff from admin to cleaners and care staff, RN’s and EEN’s completed there learning through the MOOC. It is important to update our knowledge and skills to keep up with advances in research and to advance our Continuing Professional Development. This ensures we are providing the best person centred care available based on evidenced based research.

Uniting Care South has had success with staff from across the area completing an online course on understanding dementia. ‘Understanding Dementia’ is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by the University of Tasmania through the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre.

The topics included The brain, The nervous system, Pathology of dementia, risk factors, differences between normal ageing and dementia, progression and staging, medical management, dementia behaviours, and symptoms of advanced dementia and palliation.

This free online course is being iffered again in March 2014. Please see your L&D Coordinator if you are interested.

PDF Palliative care and Advanced Care Planning. Farmborough wed Dec 11th. 2-3pm. Gerringong Tues 19th Nov. 2-3pm.

Please let Inform L&D if you would like to take the palliative care learning resources home to learn at you convenience.