Digital Citizen project

Iziah j 6

what is Digital Citizen

It means be smart and have responsible behavior on online. why is digital citizen important it because is not going to be easy on the internet with everyone being mean to everyone because so people are young like 6 they just playing a game on they parents facebook and some one could say some thing bad about them.

Rule#7 Plagiarism

when u do plagiarism it when you copying off work it like when your teacher give you a book report and you copy off the website and you do not give credit the one who made the website your just makeing it look like you made it yourself

Rule#6 copyright

when copyright it could get you in to lot of trouble like you can go to court and you could get sued the mean you could lose lot of money or everything you have. then there are and another copyright it when you could do fair use and a parody of it.

Rule#5 cyber bullying

cyber bullying is a bad thing to do on website like call someone a mean word to someone it could be a bully if this ever happen to u

Rule#4 online safey

be safe online by not give out your info to anyone like how old your and where u live,what school you go to.If your not careful

Rule#3 be kind

if you join a social network it there forever even if you take it down it there forever. If you want to pass college do not ever post something that the person do not want on the internet or social media

Rule# 2 do not give your info

if u give out your info the could give it to hackers ,FBI all the bad thing could happen to u. when you give out bank acount that could take your money

Rule# 1 be nice online

ones u post something it up there for everyone to see.It could ruin geting in to schools like college