People who fight till they get what they want

Walt Disney

Walt Disney was a creator of many great things that many children will remember as long as they live. Walt Disney was first born on December 5, 1901. Disney grew up most of his childhood years with his parents struggling to find jobs and him working at the age of 10. Disney went through most of school but dropped out mid way through high school to enlist in the army. After Disney came back he started working at his dads company as a night guard and thats when his drawing began. Then he realized that drawing was a passion of his. He was really interested in making comics and little cartoons with stories to go along with them. Disney thought they were good enough to take to a publisher and to get a real job with big pay. After going to more than 10 publishers Disney did not give up. He was triumphant and changed little details in every story he made so that he could get signed with a publisher, Finally he found a publisher that was happy to help him and accomplish his new dream. After making cartoons to be on TV, making kid story books, filming movies and starting to open a theme park off of all of his sketches Disney got diagnosed with cancer. When he got diagnosed with lung cancer he tried to finish as much of his work as he could. Trying to finish the amusement park Disney got sicker. On December 15, 1966 Walt disney passed from stage 4 lung cancer in Burbank, California. Once he was gone his brother Roy Disney took over the amusement park and finished for him. When they were finished he named the park Walt Disney World. Families now go there on spring break, winter break, summer or just random vacations for pleasure. Disney wanted to make all of his comics come to real life. He wanted to make up for his bad childhood that he had and make kids growing up happier and closer to their families. Walt Disney would be very proud for what he accomplished with very few people believing in him. He was triumphant and believed in himself and accomplished a goal he never knew he really wanted until he was older.

J.K Rowling

J.K Rowling and Harry Potter are different and alike in many different ways. Both J.K and Harry Potter were not the most heard kids when they were younger. When J.K was about 20 she told her family she wanted to start writing a book. No one thought she could do it. They all thought she would fail. When Harry Potter had to live with his aunt and uncle they didn't care what he had to say. They locked him up in a basement when he was living at there house and then sent him off to boarding school. No one thought he would be able to become a good wizard, as they all thought he would fail just like J.K. Harry Potter was someone who didn't always believe in himself. If people said he couldn't do something he would try but after not succeeding the first time he would usually give up. But with J.K she kept going not giving up no matter how hard it got. When the first book deal failed with a company she just made her book better going to more publishers finally getting a deal.


Since as long as we have known people have been sent off to war to fight for their country.Even when it’s tough they fight to help and save the people in their country. Many people don’t make it back home to their families. There are some that come back with emotional wounds, some people that come back with physical wounds. These people that come back triumph and fight to heal themselves. Most go there by choice to help the people in their community. Not all are forced to go to the war. Every person in military is triumphant even when they're scared. When there is a problem at the scene they don't just give up and run away. When there is an attack they make a solution they persevere to help save others with them. Many people who join the military know it's dangerous. There are many different jobs in the military and every single one of those people that help always run into a problem and come up with a solution. There are many different causes to things, the effect could be good or bad it just really depends on who it happened to and what actually happened. In the military there are many different thing that happen that no one wants to go through. For example when a bomb goes off in the middle of the war you already know that the effect is not going to be good. For those people that come home with PTSD from being in the war is just one of the effects from the bomb that could have gone off. This led to therapy and permanent damage to their life most likely. These people are choosing to go and fight for their country but no one should have to go through any of this. There many different causes to things in the world. Veterans are the most triumphant people anyone can think off and they really deserve the best.