Mrs. Schleicher's Schmooze

Mrs. Schleicher's & Ms. Rosenberg's Newsletter 9/7-9/11

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

I am so proud of all of our Mayor candidates!! Congratulations to EVERYONE who took the time to write amazing speeches and have the guts to get up in front of the class to share your wonderful ideas with us!!

I also wish you a sweet New Year! L'Shana Tova and Shabbat Shalom!! Stacy

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What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

Clusters were our spelling rule this week. We must hear all 3 consonants at the beginning of the word to consider it to be a cluster. We took our first vocabulary test and I am very proud of the results!! In grammar, we reviewed subjects and predicates, and wrote statement, exclamation, and question sentences. After our field trip, we wrote a paragraph about the trip by adding good details to support it! Then, we ended it with a concluding sentence.


This week in math we worked on place value to the 10,000's place. We reviewed the value of the digits. We also practiced comparing numbers and their place values and what happens when we increase or decrease a place value by a certain amount. We learned how to play build the highest number that we can't wait to play next week!

Rosh Hashanah

It was all about Rosh Hashanah this week! We decorated a special jar and filled it with honey to use when we celebrate the sweet new year with friends and family. They are in your child's lunchbox(so they won't break) or their book bag, so please look out for it! We also put on our pastry chef hats to make yummy apple turnovers (look for the recipe that is being sent home today in your child's Friday folder!) Also, we had a few Rosh Hashanah centers where we investigated apples and wrote about changes we want to make, things we hope for and things we remember from our past year.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

Continuing with Rosh Hashanahראש השנה theme, we practiced holiday vocabulary, learned the sounds the shofar makes, sang holiday songs, read a holiday story and answered comprehension questions about it. We also worked in our holiday booklet and tasted a RIMON רימון (pomegranate).

We introduced the letter ALEPHא in our Ariot cursive book.

A wish of a sweet and happy new year to all of you, שנה טובה

Shabbat shalom,שבת שלום

Galia Sabbag

Important Dates

9/14-9/15- No school, Rosh Hashanah

9/18- PTO Shabbat Picnic

9/18 and 9/21-I will be at my cousin's wedding in St. Louis-driving :( Jen George will be subbing both days

9/22- noon dismissal, Erev Yom Kippur

9/24- late start, 10 am

9/28-9/29-no school Sukkot

9/30- 2nd grade lunch in the Sukkah- 11:54

Noteworthy News!

Mystery Reader

Thank you to our mystery reader, Tamara Greenberg

Operation Isaiah

It’s time for Operation Isaiah, so please help support The Second Grade Mitzvah project!! The food drive is from Wednesday, September 16-Friday, October 2nd. Please send in canned and boxed goods in the bag we provided. The food bank cannot collect any glass or baby food. When you return the bag to school, the bags can be placed in the food bins in the carpool lobby. The Second grade team really appreciates your support!!

Thank you to all our parent chaperones this week....

Janine Peck, Adrian Sasine, Laura Schilling, and Randi Steuer

The kids loved our 1st field trip and learned a lot about our Mitzvah project!!

Happy Birthday to...

Joshua- 9/11