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Things are great in room 308!

When I was a kid.....

Kindergarten these days looks very different from when you and I were in school. One of the great things our curriculum allows for is differentiation of instruction. Sounds fancy, doesn't it? What it means is that we can tailor our teaching to meet every students needs.

One way I do this is the use of small groups during writing, reading, and math instruction. Having small groups of students with similar needs means I can target skills and concepts that those particular students need, no matter their level of understanding or mastery. Of course this time is also balanced with whole group teaching, but small groups are where the magic happens!

I started pulling some small groups this week to help me learn as much as I can about what your kiddos know and what they need. Below are some photos of some things we do during the first few weeks of small groups. As the year progresses, we will do more writing and reading in small group.

Upcoming Dates and Snack

Thurs Sept 10 School Pictures

Mon Sept 14 5:30-6:30 Monthly PTO meeting

Thurs Sept 17 5:00-6:30 Grandparents Night

Snack this week: Reagan, Elora, Brentley. Remember you can find the snack calendar at http://www.republicschools.org/Page/687

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