Some symptoms are Genital Warts and Cervical Cancer.

Some ways you can get this virus are by getting it through a cut or scrape. Sometimes you get it from Sexual activity. This virus is transmitted through bodily fluids.

This virus cannot be treated. The symptoms can but the virus itself cannot.

Some ways you can prevent this virus are you taking vaccines for the virus but make sure you ask your doctor. Also, you being sexually abstinent and you making sure your cuts do not get infected.

Immune cells and immune response

The response is started in the draining lymph nodes and responded to by the macro phages and Dendritic cells. The B cells and the T cells are immune cells that fight the virus.

This virus replicates by getting passed to others and it is Lysogenic.

Steps of reproduction

1. First, the virus attaches to cell.

2. Then, it enters the Nucleus.

3. Next, the virus encases virus DNA into cell DNA.

4. The cell goes through many cells division with the Virus DNA in the daughter cells.

5. Then it is triggered into the Lytic Cycle.

6. Finally the virus leaves the cell.