Andrew Jackson


"Anyone Who Voted For Me Will Have A New Job !"

When Andrew Jackson became president of the United States, he offered anyone who supported him in his campaign to give governmental jobs to anyone who supported his campaign, even though they might of not had any clue of politics. This was known as the Spoils System.

The Trail of Tears

During Jackson's presidency, the Indian Removal Act was passed. The U.S. government were able to "exchange" the Native Americans land with less desirable land west of the Mississippi. The Cherokee had already established their own lifestyle and had adjusted to European culture so they did not want to give up their land/home. The Cherokee took their case to court and were granted permission to stay in their land. Jackson ignored the court case and commanded further removal of the Cherokee tribe. Because of Jackson's decision to ignore the court case he went against his responsibilities of being president and caused thousands of Cherokee Indians to die along the forced march to their relocation.

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What Happened To The National Bank?

Jackson was always against the national bank of the U.S. He thought the bank was actually hurting the lower class instead of helping everyone in the nation. Jackson thought the national bank was only being benefited by the upper class. He felt the national bank was unconstitutional and decided to get rid of it with a presidential power he had. Jackson vetoed the national bank. Jackson caused the nation's economy to drop because he decided to close the national bank.
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Jackson & The National Bank

In this political cartoon it shows the national bank building crumbling down. To the right president Jackson is holding up a document which seems to be the veto he signed against the national bank. Because of Jackson's opinion and his veto he had destroyed the national bank and dropped the nation's economy. Everyone and everything is a mess which represents the nation's economy.