Guyana's government

Before gaining their independence in 1996, Guyana was under Britain's rule. Currently, Guyana is a republic country with Donald ramotar as their president. Guyana has many allies such as the caricom and neighboring country's.


Economics and trade

Guyana has a socialist economic system. They uses the Guyanese dollar as their currency. Guyana receives it's goods from Suriname, Cuba, China, and the United states. These countries send machinerys, manufacters, petroleum oil, and food. Guyana exports goods such as sugar, gold, bauxite, alumina, rice, shrimp, molasses, rum, and timber to Trinidad and Tobago, the UK, Jamaica, and the U.S.


Guyana is located on the north coast of South America. Guyana has many elevation points that also attract many tourist. These elevations includes Mount Roraima, kaieteur falls, and Essequibo.


South America has many tourist locations, many being elevated places such as mountains. Guyana is a great place to see natural features. Anybody who visits Guyana should see the humongous mountains and falls. Mount Roraima is the highest mountain in Guyana. So high that when you look down, all you can see are clouds. Another tourist attraction is the biggest waterfall in Guyana, the kaieteur falls.