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Boston,Massachusetts is one of the major cities in the United States. It is home many sport such as baseball and basketball. This major city is home to thousands, is apart of American history. One in which is Paul revere's night ride and other historical events. So come and visit this great city and enjoy yourself!

The U.S.S Constitution

The oldest ship that can still float. This mammoth ship is from the U.S Navy. Our first President George Washington was the one to name this great ship. I'll say it again this was a very old ship.

Famous for the war of 1812. That is where she took out three British ships. That is where it got its nickname " old iron side ". The Constitution went through many wars. She was finally retired in 1881.

Now that she is retired she she shows what the navy does for America. She also gives tours. This historic ship has survived and is still afloat.


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