Water on Earth

by Mrs. Euculano

All About Water on Earth

Water can be found all over the Earth (even in the air) in different states of matter. There are different types of water bodies and water systems. Water can be found as a solid, liquid, or gas.

Water Systems

There are two types of water systems. A lotic water system flows quickly over land (rivers, streams, or lakes) and usually downhill. A lentic water system is mostly still (lakes and ponds).

Watch the video below. Would it be a lentic or lotic water system? You decide!

Fast moving river in Pouce Coupe
Test your knowledge of lentic and lotic water systems on the website below.

The Water Cycle

Water is constantly moving through the water cycle. It moves at through the stages at different speeds. It can even be stuck as ground water for a very long time!

There are three stages in the water cycle.

  1. evaporation
  2. condensation
  3. precipitation

Check out the drawing below to see what the water cycle can look like.

Vocabulary Words You Should Know


A bay is a body of saltwater that is surrounded by land on three sides.

Salt Water

Salt water is just water that has salt.


A wetland is an area of land that is covered by water all or part of the time.

Fresh Water

A fresh water body is water that contains little or no salt.

Review Questions

Question One

Which statement describes what happens when water in the air condenses?

  • A: It changes from a gas to a solid
  • B: It changes from a liquid to a gas
  • C: It changes from a gas to a liquid
  • D: It changes from a liquid to a solid

Question Two

What is the difference between a lotic and lentic water system? Explain and give examples.

Question Three

What is a wetland?

Question Four

What are the three stages in the water cycle? Explain what happens as water molecules move through these stages.