Born 2 B Wild

By Jordan Shady/rippyray

a deer that has three legs

Rudy, the three legged deer, has touched everyone's heart who comes in contact with him. He was born on a deer farm and at the age of around 4 to 6 hours after his birth was stepped on by a domestic elk that it shared an 8 acre enclosure with. The owner of the farm offered him to us as it was obvious the medical care was going to be extensive. When we first saw him, his tibia (leg bone) was snapped in two and protruding a couple of inches through the skin. We rushed him to our vet and they performed emergency surgery on Rudy to amputate his rear leg. He was terrified by all of the human contact but seemed to be in shock and cooperated. He came out of surgery and returned to us to be fed goats milk (fresh squeezed of course!) this leads to a goat story but we can talk about that later.

born free USA

More than 500 animals make their home at the 186-acre Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary near Dilley, Texas.

There, the macaques, baboons and vervets enjoy extensive freedom of movement, species-appropriate food and choice of companions, in accordance with their social nature. Before their arrival, however, quite a few of the primates lived in difficult circumstances, whether they were used for research in medical laboratories, were part of the "animal entertainment" industry or were kept as people's "pets." Some were rescued individually or in pairs, and we've told you about several of them, including Winnie, India and Justin. Others, however, have made a big splash — sometimes literally, as you will see below — by arriving in big groups. Here, we recall some of those multiple-monkey rescues and link to updates of how they've settled into their new and greatly improved lives.

wild animals that were keped as pets

you showld not keeep wild animals as pets because you can get bit of hurt by them. if you keep wild animals as petsyou can get bit and poisand and you may die  or you have to go to the docters and get a shot to cear the poisadn or injery