The Road To Freedom

Created By: Taylor Johnson

How To Escape

1. Leave at night so that your absence won't be seen until morning.

2. Go North- at night time, look for the North Star. If you are having trouble finding it, locate the Big Dipper. The two outermost stars point directly to the North Star.

3. You MUST avoid the savage dogs. Grease your feet with rabbit-grease that will hide your trail. Wade in water as much as possible.

4. Starting your journey, you will take path known as the Underground Railroad. Beginning in Savannah, Georgia, make your way along the right side of the Appalachian Mountains. When stopping at designated houses on the route, say that you are "A friend of a friend".

5. Once you reach New York City, cross to the left directly to Rochester, Canada. There, you will find complete safety.


1. Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey are assisting in leading slave rebellions. Be on the lookout for them.

2. Also, if you hear someone talking about peculiar institution, they are speaking of slavery.

Located below is a helpful song to assist in your escape. Good luck!

Follow the drinking gourd, follow the drinking gourd,
For the old man is awaiting for to take you to freedom,
If you follow the drinking gourd.
The riverbank will make a very good road, the dead trees show you the way,
Left foot, peg foot, traveling on, Follow the drinking gourd.
The river ends between two hills, Follow the drinking gourd,
There's another river on the other side, Follow the drinking gourd.
Where the great big river meets the little river, Follow the drinking gourd,
The old man is awaiting for to take you to freedom,
If you follow the drinking gourd.