Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

Ambrose Bierce


In the story there are both external and internal conflicts. Starting off the external conflict he is trying to stop his own execution and is trying to figure ways to escape. Whereas internally he has to accept his death, he imagines escape in his own my even when being hung. It matters because it shapes him more as a character.
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Peter Farquhar is the main character in the story and the only character with a name he is a man from a well known family in the south. There is a confederate soldier (federal spy) who comes up and tricks him to try and burn down Owl Creek Bridge because it has a railroad on it. The spy is tricked him and is the reason he was hung. Also there are sentinels but they don't do much but stand and guard.


Foreshadowing was a big part in the story because when you think he escapes he keeps on complaining about how his neck hurts. You think its normal because he just snapped the rope on his neck but it keeps hurting really bad. In the end he said he felt blinding pain on his neck and that was the biggest foreshadow because right after that you find out he is still hanging and it was just his imagination. Then he dies.


Trust no one is the theme I chose because if he did not trust the scout he would not have been hung in the first place.