Gatlinburg, Tennessee

-The experience-

Why come to Gatlinburg?

You will discover that in Gatlinburg there is so much to explore! You can go shopping in the city at a variety of stores from everything to clothes to the wackiest items. Feel free and go visit all the attractions that Gatlinburg has to offer. Dollywood (Theme park), Wonder Works (Crafts and attractions) and Rock City (Adventure park) are good for making unforgettable moments that will last forever.

Out of this world destinations!

What are my options to getting around Gatlinburg?

There are many options to see the sites in Gatlinburg. You obviously can discover what the city has to offer by driving around yourself. Or another option that a lot of people in the past have enjoyed is taking one of the cities old Trolley buses. Trolley buses offer a different experience from the typical old buses used to get around. If you don't prefer any of the two options above, then you can take a bike or walk by foot. However you choose to transport yourself around all these options are great ways to explore Gatlinburg.

Need a place to stay?

Gatlinburg has a variety of hotel chains that fit anybody's expectations. The most highly recommended hotels to stay at are Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn. These offer a breakfast so, you don't have to have the responsibility to prepare a meal. They also have rooms of all different sizes to fit your needs for all for the cheapest prices!

Need more info.?

If you need more information or have any questions, or concerns about the attractions, transportation and lodging click the qr code to lead you to Gatlinburg's website. Or contact (971)123-4567 . Be safe and enjoy your trip to Gatlinburg!