Teaching Our Digital Students

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First Things First: Get a Great QR Code Reader!

QR Codes are everywhere these days - in classrooms, stores, magazines, products - even t-shirts! If you don't already have a QR Code reader, try i-Nigma. It's fast and reliable and free! For the rest of the apps on this page, a QR Code is provided and i-Nigma will help you decode it to jump straight to the download.

Give Students A Choice

We don't give students a set of watercolors and tell them to color everything blue. Yet, we frequently limit their options when it comes to showing us what they have learned.

BYOD and 1:1 classrooms can provide teachers the flexibility to allow their students choices when assigning projects. Every student may not have the same apps as their classmates, so instead of requiring the students to use a particular app or website, why not give them a choice? You will find that student engagement and creativity will increase when students are given the freedom to use different tools to deliver content.

Presentation Resources

Tools for BYOD Classrooms

How Can STI Help You?

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