The Queen of Heaven

A Well-Rounded Diety

Inanna was one of the most prominent goddesses in Mesopotania, being a goddess mostly of love -- but not marriage. She was infamous for one-night-stands, though her lore portrays her to also be associated with warfare. As a powerful goddess who liked to play every side, it's not hard to believe how many myths and ledgends are associated with her.

Inanna and the Mes

One of her most infamous myths includes the goddess and tablets called the Mes -- tablets showing the basic blueprints for humanity. In the myth, Inanna tricks the god Enki into becoming very drunk and giving her hundreds of the Mes, which she took on a ship back to her city, Uruk. Once sober, Enki sent half human, half fish demigods to stop her boat and take back the Mes. However, with her skill in battle, Inanna escaped and brought the Mes back to Uruk.

Through the ages...?

No one knows very many of the stories associated with Inanna, or any of the lesser-known ancient Greek dieties and myths. So, are these stories passed down? No. In fact, my family has been in America for so long that the only person who knows where we come from is my grandmother on my mother's side. Nobody even knows where my father's side came from but we're guessing Russia. However, I do know that I'm Polish and Irish, but no interesting stories come from Poland, and everything from Ireland is stupid. I'm also Gaelic, though, and my specific religion heavily relies on myths so my kids will know all these interesting stories. Thanks for being boring, FAMILY. *sighs*