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Right now i am in school with my awesome teacher Mr.Erickson. We are in Writers Workshop it is my personal favorite thing. But we have lot's of questions but Mr.E does everything so some times are class should just give him a break. I think the class should ask one of there desk neighbor so Mr.E doesn't have to come over and help! But now we've gotten better and we don't complain about I NEED HELP!!!! We sometimes just need to take a chill pill.


Some students need more help than others like me I am not the best at reading but some things I do I'm really good at some things. All you need to do and embrace yourself. You need to have a breather if you feel like your not as good or smart I mean I take them all them all the time. I mean you can do anything if you just have a little confidence.

Special Shout Out

Special shout out to Mr.Erickson it's his birthday on Friday. I hope he has the best birthday of his life (class make it good) so what i'm going to do for him is to computerate with him so he doesn't have to remind me but since I've gotten better through out the year he probably wont do that. Mr.Erickson is soooo nice so I want him to have a really awesome birthday.

I think we should like make his day and if he tells us to do something then we do it. That is how we will make his birthday good :)

Sports Page

Hi this is my life in my beautiful sports life. Today I have a soccer game vs Wayzata I personally think we will win 3-2 in my head but anything could happen. I also had a baseball game Yesterday. We lost 11-6 if we had Ryan Lacy and Joseph Lampron we probably would of won.