By Samuel Taylor Coleridge


All look and likeness caught from earth,
All accident of kin and birth,
Had pass'd away. There was no trace
Of aught on that illumined face,
Upraised beneath the rifted stone,
But of one spirit all her own;--
She, she herself, and only she,
Shone through her body visibly.

The Phantom-Wooer, a Surreal Poem on Death, Gothic, by Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Audiobook

The Knights Tomb

Where is the grave of Sir Arthur O'Kellyn?

Where may the grave of that good man be?—

By the side of a spring, on the breast of Helvellyn,

Under the twigs of a young birch tree!

The oak that in summer was sweet to hear,

And rustled its leaves in the fall of the year,

And whistled and roared in the winter alone,

Is gone,—and the birch in its stead is grown.—

The Knight's bones are dust,

And his good sword rust;—

His soul is with the saints, I trust.


Soething Childish But Very Natural

Written in Germany

If I had but two little wings

And were a little feathery bird,

To you I'd fly, my dear!

But thoughts like these are idle things,

And I stay here.

But in my sleep to you I fly:

I'm always with you in my sleep!

The world is all one's own.

But then one wakes, and where am I?

All, all alone.

Sleep stays not, though a monarch bids:

So I love to wake ere break of day:

For though my sleep be gone,

Yet while 'tis dark, one shuts one's lids,

And still dreams on

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Born:Oct 21 1772 He was the youngest sun out of 14 kids.
Died:1833 in January.

He was born in England Samuel Taylor Coleridge had four kids. His wife's name was Anne Coleridge.Leader of British romantic movement. He made a poem with his friend.

Something Childish But Very Natural