Influences of Food Choices

By: Tin Doan

Physical needs

Meat, Veggies and fruits are some physical needs that you would need to survival. Breakfast is the most important for your energy level.

Psychological needs

I only get in bad moods when I don't have any food to eat and to fix my bad mood I like to cook eggs to fix my mood.

Personal Food Preference

My favorite type of food are meats. Chicken, beef, or anything that is related to meat I like.

I like to eat veggies as well.

Food Availability

Salt and pepper are my favorite seasons because they can basically go on anything and be good

Social Settings

The times I eat are just regular. I eat breakfast in the morning and for lunch I eat at school and that is sometime around noon. When I get home I eat some snacks and eat dinner when my mom gets home.

Society & Culture

For my family traditions we get together for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving and we would sometimes go to my grandmas house or one of my uncles house. For Christmas we would go to Church and once church is over we would go to my grandmas house or whoever is throwing the party and would go. Each family would bring a dish so it would be easier since it such a big family. For Thanksgiving my uncles' would make the turkey and would go over to my grandmas house and eat there.