Steve Cotler is Coming to Anderson!

Author of the Cheesie Mack Series

When is Mr. Cotler Coming to Anderson?

The Anderson PTA and the Anderson Library is hosting Mr. Cotler on December 11, 2013. Our third-fifth grade readers will be visiting with Steve Cotler during a 55 minute presentation about writing and his Cheesie Mack series. To learn more about Mr. Cotler's presentation and to see a small video clip of him interacting with students, visit the events page on his website.

Who is Steve Cotler?

Steve Cotler is the author of the Cheesie Mack series. Currently, there are three titles available in this series that will appeal to middle grade readers. The first is Cheesie Mack is Not a Genius or Anything, the second is Cheesie Mack Is Cool in a Duel, and the third is Cheesie Mack is Running Like Crazy! Two additional books in this series are due to come out in 2014. To find out more about Mr. Cotler and his unique life, visit his website.

If You Love Wimpy Kid, Cheesie Mack Might Be Just for You!

Readers that enjoy checking out the Wimpy Kid series from the library and anxiously await the next title in that series, might find themselves engrossed in Steve Cotler's Cheesie Mack series. Cheesie Mack is 11 years old. His given name is Ronald Apton Mack, but he prefers the nickname Cheesie! Like many of you he enjoys sports (especially swimming), reading, writing adventures, and words (like Mrs. Littlejohn). Cheesie Mack has a really cool website that is worth visiting. I think this might just be the next series that flies off the shelves in the Anderson Library!