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Book Character Dress Up Day

Our class looked awesome on our Book Character Dress Up day this past Thursday. A big thank you for all of your book donations! FSAPS appreciates our families SO much!

Social Studies My ME Timeline Project

Last week, your child brought home their My ME Project assignment. This project is due this Friday, April 3rd. In Social Studies, we are talking about time. We have discussed what history is, and we know that we each have a personal history. As an at-home project, work with your Kindergartener to create a timeline about their life. This project will help your student put events from their life in order, and give them an opportunity to share their “ME Timeline” with their classmates.

What You Do:

  1. When most people hear the term “timeline” they think about historical events. But every person has a history too! Start by talking to your Kindergartener about the key events in their life. For example: The day they were born, the month they started to talk or walk or read, when their siblings arrived, dates of favorite vacations, the month you moved to a new house, the day they started Kindergarten…

  1. After picking events to include on your timeline, have your Kindergartener write them down with a few words about each. For example: “March 5, 2010. I was born!” “Fall, 2012. Trip to Disneyland” or “August 2014. I started Kindergarten!”

  1. Use a poster board to put your events in the correct order. Add some photographs or illustrations to each of the events.

  1. Practice presenting your ME Timeline using your awesome listening and speaking skills.

  1. Bring your poster to class with you on or before Friday, April 3rd to present your ME Timeline to your classmates and share all about your life!

BE CREATIVE! If you have questions, feel free to email me and please see an example below.

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Homework Packet and Spring Themed Show-and-Tell

Homework Packets are always due on Monday! Please make sure your child brings their Homework Packet every Monday in order to earn credit for their hard work.

Show-And-Tell and Prize Box are on Wednesday! For Show-and-Tell this week we will be celebrating Spring! Please bring in your favorite outdoor toy and a helmet. YOUR CHILD MUST BRING A HELMET IF THEY WILL BE RIDING AN OUTDOOR TOY. This could be bubbles, a basketball, a hoola hoop, a scooter… We will enjoy our favorite outdoor toys all together during Show-and-Tell time, and if you have a helmet you will be able to share outdoor toys with your Kindergarten friends!

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Reading Room Reminder

Remember, we visit the Reading Room every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am. We were unable to visit on Thursday this week due to our Valentine's preparation activities, so make sure your child brings their books to return tomorrow morning!

Your child is now allowed to check out TWO books each time we visit as long as the books they have checked out previously have been returned. Your child may return both, one, or none from the previous visit. There is no limit to how long your child keeps their books, but remember, they can't check out more until their others have been returned.

Would you like to be a Mystery Reader?

There is a new Mystery Reader sign up outside our classroom door for this semester. Please consider volunteering one Friday this year to come visit our classroom and read to our Kindergarten class. They LOVE when we have special visitors :-) If you are unable to come into the school to sign up, please send me an e-mail with a Friday that you would like to volunteer for and I can sign you up!

This semester you can choose to read at 8:00am or at 3:00pm on Fridays. Please circle the time you would like to read when you sign up for a date.

Names in your Jackets and Change of Clothes

Very important...... many of our Kindergarten friends are now wearing their FSAPS fleece jackets and large cold weather jackets to school. Please make sure your child's name is in their jacket! Many of our students do not have their name, and we cannot tell our FSAPS jackets apart :( It is very important that your child's uniforms and regular clothes are labeled with their names.

Sometimes messes happen in Kindergarten! We always like to be prepared for this by keeping an extra change of clothes in your child's cubby. Does your child have a change of clothes that is appropriate for the cooler weather headed our way? If not, please make sure to send in a bag (labeled with your child's name) for them to hold in their cubby.

Curriculum Corner...

Reading and Language Arts: In Reading and Language Arts, we will really focus on Cause and Effect events. We will not only identify these in stories, but we will also identify Cause and Effect in real life! Your students will listen to the Laura Numeroff series of books "If you give a..." to practice Cause and Effect. Their small groups will be focused around cause and effect, sounding out letters, rhyming words, and reading comprehension.

Social Studies: In Social Studies, we are learning about Time Long Ago. We have been talking about the past and history, and we know that we all have a personal history of our own. Your child should be working on their My ME Project at home this week. This poster project is due on Friday, April 3rd. We will continue to talk about history and timelines this week in class. I can't wait for our presentations on April 3rd.

Math: We will be continuing to practice measurement this week in Math. We have practiced nonstandard measurement, and this week I will introduce measuring with inches. We will also be working on Addition Stories this week.

Science: In Science, we are going to talk about motion and friction. Your students are having a great time learning about the way objects can move!

Important Save The Dates for this Semester:

April 3: My ME Timeline Project DUE

April 6-11: NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

April 22-28: ITBS Testing Days

May 4-15: Spring MAP Testing Days

May 19: Last Blast Carnival at FSAPS

May 20: Ms. Przedpelski's Kindergarten Graduation at 6:00pm

May 22: Last Day of School