Greer Middle College Charter H.S.

Wednesday Wrap Up


  • Thank you for getting off to a great start in 2016.
  • Friday will be a "B" day. We will have Blazer Block FIRST and student schedules will be distributed. James sent you the Friday schedule.
  • We will have Cluster on Friday at 12:50 in the cafe. Please note the time change. Cluster will be related to next week's field testing. Next Thursday: Laura is organizing our field test. We want data from as many students as we can. We have determined that time will be during 2B. Please plan accordingly.
  • Some of you have already turned in your S1 grade distribution to me. Thank you! If you have not, please get your grade distribution completed by Friday.
  • Based on emails, it appears as though David is doing well. Continue to have good thoughts towards his way. GET FIRED UP!

  • Building: the hydrant test to check for water pressure came out to our good. Financial and investment policies should be going to our finance committee. Strategic plan should go to our Board on Jan. 25th. Our projected 5 year business model should go to our Board on Jan. 25th.

  • Thank you to Ms. Looper and Ms. Wyss in organizing Career Day and Arts Intersession.

  • We have purchased a used bus that is 20 years newer than the "Pearl". We are using for Arts Intersession and will return to have it lettered. Thanks to Ms. Wyss for organizing the coupon book sale. Because of the coupon book sale, we are under budget with the bus purchase! Thanks to Mr. Dillard and Tony Wallace for completing the bus purchase process.

  • Mrs. Allen et al are having a great time in Washington DC. Glad all is well and hope it continues. They will return at around 6:00 a.m. Saturday.

  • GMC has been nominated by SCTAP for the Lowell Milken TAP Founder's Award-given annually to one school in the country for exceptional efforts to implement and represent the principles of TAP: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement. Our nomination is based on our work since July of 2015. Leadership Team will put our best foot forward on this process over the next few days as there is a quick turnaround and interview next week. Laura may ask some of you to respond to a question or two. Congratulations to our Leadership Team and career teachers!

  • Have a great rest of the week!