Lincoln Log 2019-20

January 27, 2020

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720 S. 6th Avenue

Phone 715-261-0965

Fax 715-261-2690

Principal: Colleen Whooley Jepson

Administrative Assistant: Julee Pelot

Important Phone Numbers

Attendance 715-261-0965

First Student Bus 715-842-2268

If you desire a paper copy of this newsletter, please contact the school office.

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Principal Points

Wow! Half of the year has flown by! It's hard to believe. Now to begin a new semester with new energy. Report cards were sent out last week. Use those report cards, not as a final analysis, but as a way to guide your child's growth. Tell your student what you are proud of on their report card - did they make great social growth? academic growth? Sit down and talk about what it is that could be improved on next semester. Could it be better attendance? Could it be better social interactions with peers? Could it be stronger focus on math or reading? Remember that report cards are meant to GUIDE ... they are not meant to define.

Lincoln Elementary and the School District of Wausau are working tirelessly to support students academic and social growth. This week at Lincoln School, we are hosting a math night that will talk about the new math program that the district has implemented. This would be a great evening for parents to come and learn more about the academic piece impacting their students. (see brochure above)

On February 8, Lincoln School will be hosting a Roller Skating party to celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Please to be sure to get back your RSVPs so we can coordinate with the rink on the number of people planning to attend. On February 22, the district is organizing a Winter Fun day for families out at the School Forest. (see brochure below)

Wausau's Whole Child initiative has definitely taken root!

Here's to making second semester an absolutely AMAZING semester full of growth and change!

Colleen Whooley Jepson


Jan. 23....Report cards sent home

Jan. 27-Feb 7...No After School G2M

Jan. 29....Wear your Lincoln Logger Colors ... Spirit Day

Jan. 29....Family Math Night in the library - 4:30 pm (Daren Catlen...district math coordinator will be presenting...all families encouraged to attend)

Feb. 8...Family Fun Day...roller skating..don't forget to return your RSVP

Feb. 10-12...Grade 5 at School Forest

Feb. 10...After School G2M Resumes

Feb. 13...Book Bowl Competition at G.D. Jones

Feb. 18...PTO at 5:30

Feb. 21...No School for students

Wausau School District's - Winter Fun!!!

............................You are invited: Elementary Students and Parents/Guardians

Saturday, February 22, 2020


Wausau School Forest

218735 County Rd KK

Directions – Wausau School Forest





**Students, bring your parents/guardians for a fun filled morning of outdoor winter activities. You can try all three or just do one.

**See what fun you can have as a family. Equipment is available at the Forest. You may bring your own snowshoes or cross-country skis, but please no sleds or toboggans.

**Warm up by the fire; enjoy a free cup of hot chocolate. Other food and beverages will be available for purchase from the Wausau West Environmental club.

** While warming up in the lodge feel free to visit the Museum.

This FREE activity is part of the Wausau School District’s commitment to the health and wellness of our students and families. One of the goals of the District is to provide opportunities and activities for families that encourage active lifestyles.

Registration: In Bannerman Hall when you arrive

In the event of extreme weather conditions or

lack of snow this activity may be canceled.

Remember to order your Lincoln School yearbook!!!

Recently, yearbook order forms were sent home with students. The cost of the yearbook is $7 (cash only), checks will not be accepted. Stop at the office for an order form!! The deadline to order your yearbook is February 14, 2020!


Any adult passing the office to enter the school area during the school hours of 7:45-3:30 pm will be required to show a state issued photo ID or passport effective January 2, 2020. This identification will be used to do a quick background check through our new district-wide RAPTOR system. "The Raptor system only checks the visitor's name and date of birth for comparison with a national database of registered sex offenders. NO OTHER DATA from the ID is gathered or recorded. The system is NOT connected to any other database and information is NOT shared with any outside agency."
Shutterfly's Lincoln Fundraiser

With this Lincoln Fundrasier, you can order cards, wall art, photos, gifts and 8% of your purchase will be donated back to Lincoln Elementary! Please consider using Shutterfly!


Did you know that when you shop online at places like Target and WalMart, you can forward your emailed receipts to boxtops for education? Last week I was able to earn 40 cents towards the Lincoln Parent Teacher Organization.


To ensure that earnings are properly credited to your account:

  1. Make sure you have a Box Tops for Education account (you can create one via the Box Tops app or website)

  2. Forward your email receipt to using the same email that's associated with your BTFE account

  3. Box Tops will be credited within 1 business day and you can view your earnings in the MY EARNINGS section of the app or YOUR ACTIVITY section of the website

We're Better Together

We're Better Together is a google slide compilation of how Title One schools are working to involve families in the school community.

Parents of 5th Grade Students:

In order to assist with the identification of students for enrichment experiences/programming at the middle school, fifth graders who met initial criteria are taking the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) test this winter. The results of this test will be used in combination with several other pieces of data to help determine whether or not students meet the guidelines established for enriched experiences at the middle school.

Physical Education News from Mrs. Mick Beversdorf

I will update this link every month so please check back often to see what is happening in PE class.

School Hours

8:00 am Breakfast begins (students should go to the drop-off area in the back to enter the school)

8:15 am Recess Supervision begins

8:30 am School Begins

8:35 am Tardy Bell (Any student not in their seat by 8:35 am is considered tardy. This year Lincoln is really focused on increasing attendance and reducing tardiness.)

3:30 pm Dismissal (students are excused out the back unless they are bus riders)

*Students should not arrive before 8:15 am if they are not eating breakfast, please. Recess supervision begins at 8:15 am.

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Nominations are now being accepted from parents and teachers of second through fifth grade students in need of gifted and talented evaluations. Parents and teachers are welcome to nominate students who are currently achieving at a high level in mathematics and/or reading, approximately at the top 5% of the class. Teachers have already nominated some students for these evaluations. If you have already completed a Permission to Evaluate for Gifted and Talented Identification Form, no further steps need to be taken. Students who are already identified as gifted and talented do not need to be re-evaluated.

Parents whose second through fifth grade child has not been previously nominated as gifted and talented and who feel that they have a high achieving child may pick up a Permission to Evaluate for Gifted and Talented Identification Form with the Parent Inventory Form on the back from the school office. Nominations from parents are due by January 31, 2020.

When the completed parent forms are returned to the school office, each student will be scheduled for several assessments. These will be done sometime during the school day. These assessments, along with other test data, will provide the district with a student profile. This profile will help determine whether or not a child meets the District’s guidelines for gifted and talented identification. The assessment review is expected to be completed in May and the results will be shared before the end of the school year.

The Wausau School District recognizes that appropriate instructional challenge is needed for all students regardless of ability. The GT identification process is one way to help us provide for the educational needs of high ability students. Should you need further information, please contact your building’s GT Learning Resource Teacher or Tammy Steckbauer, Coordinator for Gifted and Talented, at 715-261-0220.





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Las nominaciones por parte de padres y maestros de estudiantes de segundo a quinto grado que necesitan evaluaciones de dotados y talentosos están siendo aceptadas. Padres y maestros están invitados a nominar a estudiantes que están rindiendo a un alto nivel en matemáticas y / o lectura, y que están aproximadamente en el 5% superior de la clase. Los profesores ya han nombrado a algunos estudiantes para estas evaluaciones. Si ya ha completado un Permiso para Evaluar o Forma de Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos, no hay otra cosa que deba hacer. . Los estudiantes que ya han sido identificados como dotados y talentosos no tienen que ser re-evaluados .

Los padres de niños de segundo a quinto grado que no han sido nominado previamente como dotados y talentosos y que sienten que tienen un niño con alto rendimiento puede recoger un Permiso para Evaluar o Forma de Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos con el Formulario de Inventario de los Padres en la parte posterior en la oficina de la escuela. Las nominaciones de los padres deben ser entregadas antes del 31 de Enero de 2020.

Cuando los formularios completados se hayan devuelto a la oficina de la escuela, cada estudiante será programado para varias evaluaciones. Estos se llevarán a cabo en cualquier momento durante el día escolar. Estas evaluaciones, junto con otros datos de prueba, proporcionarán al distrito un perfil del estudiante . Este perfil le ayudará a determinar si un niño cumple con las normas del Distrito para la Identificación de Dotados y Talentosos. Se espera que la revisión de la evaluación se complete en Mayo y estos resultados se harán saber antes de que finalice el año escolar.

El Distrito Escolar de Wausau reconoce que son necesarios desafíos educacionales apropiados para todos los estudiantes independientemente de sus capacidades. El proceso de identificación de GT (Dotados y Talentosos) es una manera de ayudarnos a prever las necesidades educativas de los alumnos de alta capacidad. Si necesita más información, por favor póngase en contacto con el maestro de Recursos de Aprendizaje GT (Dotados y Talentosos) de su edificio o Tammy Steckbauer, Coordinadora de Dotados y Talentosos, al 715-261-0220.

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News from the School Nurse--Exclusion From School

Students may be excluded from school for communicable disease control for the following conditions:

  • Undiagnosed or untreated skin rash or sores that cannot be covered

  • Fever (temperature 100.5ºF or greater or if behaviors such as excessive sleepiness or coughing which might be interfering with the student’s learning.) Child must be fever-free without fever medicine for 24 hours before returning to school

  • Vomiting two or more times in the previous 24 hours. Exclusion will continue until vomiting resolves or a health care provider determines the cause is not contagious.

  • Diarrhea three times in the previous 24 hours or child is incontinent (has an “accident”)

  • Upper respiratory illness with frequent cough/drainage

  • “Pinkeye” (conjunctivitis) if accompanied by fever, behavioral change or inability to avoid touching eyes. (Antibiotics not required for return.)

  • Strep throat (until 24 hours after treatment has begun, or health practitioner approval.)

  • Students whose immunization status is not in compliance with the Wisconsin immunization law

  • Students with known suppressed immunity may be excluded, for their protection, when cases of communicable disease (i.e., measles, chickenpox) occur in school

When a student with symptoms of a communicable disease reports to the health area, the principal, school nurse, or staff designated by principal or school nurse may exclude the student until they no longer are infectious or pose a risk to others, or per physician’s written instructions.

Wausau School District's Medication Policy

The Wausau School District has a medication policy that is in place to keep students safe. The purpose of medication administration at school is to provide essential medications so students can attend school and benefit from educational programming.

Here are a few things every parent should know:

● Medications must be brought to school by the parent/guardian in the original container or labeled pharmacy bottle. NO MEDICATIONS IN BAGGIES!

● School staff may not administer narcotic pain medication.

● Prescription medications require a practitioner signature.

● Students with permission may self carry and self administer inhalers, epi-pens or insulin. Contact your school nurse to make these arrangements.

● Over the counter (OTC) medications require a medication consent form, but do not require a physician’s signature.

● OTC medication not FDA approved, like essential oils or herbal supplements should be given at home. Essential oils are not allowed in the classrooms.

● School health offices can assist with faxing consent forms to practitioners to get required signatures.

For any questions, please contact your school’s nurse

Kathy Becker, RN 715-261-0750

Horace Mann, Hawthorn Hills, Hewitt-Texas, Montessori, Early Childhood

Alex Hein, RN 715-261-0113

John Muir, GD Jones, Lincoln, Rib Mountain, South Mountain

Kira McGinnity, RN 715-261-0914

Wausau West, Stettin, Grant, Thomas Jefferson, Maine

Julie Welch, RN 715-261-0713

Wausau East, EEA Academy, Franklin, John Marshall, Riverview