What a Week!

Room 105


We will be having a Valentine Exchange in our classroom on February 11th. Your child may bring in Valentine’s Cards to exchange with friends in our classroom. We have 23 students. Please do not have your child address the cards individually. Instead, just have them write who the card is from. This makes it a lot easier when passing out the cards. Your child may decorate and bring in a box if they would like. If your child does not bring in a box, they will have the opportunity to decorate a paper bag at school.

If you would like to bring in extra treats for our exchange, that would be fine.

-Mrs. Ryberg

LAST week...

We had an incredibly busy week. On Monday we celebrated the 100th Day of School taking part in several math activities. Tuesday brought Groundhog's Day and the launch of our next Science unit about animal adaptations. The rest of the week brought Spirit Days for our Pennies for Patients fundraiser, so we worked hard while enjoying PJ, Hat/Crazy Hair, and Superhero Days. We incorporated an extra computer time into sharing ways that animals use camouflage and other strategies for protection and getting food. Additionally, we finally got some much needed outdoor recess time!!

100th Day Fun

100's Chain Race

Students did 10 stations with 10 tasks at each to make a "100" book.


One adaptation we worked with this week was camouflage. Ask your student about the image below and how he/she did on the butterfly activity - they loved it!
Big image