Autumn at Camp Plug and Play 8.0

Integrating technology in the art classroom.

Art Apps and Web Tools

  • Drawp App: drag pic to icon and email
  • Doodoo lite: black and color, easy app for kids
  • Glow Coloring: black and color, glows, easy app for kids
  • ArtRage: amazing art app, definitely a good purchase
  • Splice: moving making app
  • Photofunia
  • Image Chef: web tool
  • art research
  • Faces I Make app: make funny faces out of everyday objects
  • Paper App: art making app
  • Pic Collage App
  • Trading Card App
  • Foldify: app to make 3D forms
  • Art Maker: app to make movies, scenes

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Apps and Web tools for Teacher Use

  • Scoop it: sort of like Pinterest, a good resource
  • Vizify: a web tool to visualize your life
  • Pinterest: online pin board
  • Twitter: app and website, a good way to network with other teachers
  • Google Hangout: app and website, a good way to network and introduce students to people all over the world
  • Edmodo: kind of like facebook but for education
  • Remind 101: free and safe text messaging, you don't have to share your phone number with parents
  • padlet: web tool, a good way to turn in digital work
  • web tool to make flyers and infographics
  • ThingLink: web tool to add links to pictures
  • listly: web tool for social lists

My 3 Goals for Using the iPad in my Classroom

  1. Get an iPad!
  2. Download cool iPad apps to use in an art classroom see the above post, Art Apps and Web Tools
  3. Use in stations with my students

2 Tools to Explore Further

  1. Google Hangouts: I hope to be about to introduce students to real live artists working in the world.
  2. ArtRage: this was the best app I have ever used for art making. I would love to get a stylus or a paint brush to use on the iPad too!

5 Apps I Will Definitely Use When I Get an iPad.

  1. ArtRage
  2. Pic Collage
  3. Trading Cards
  4. Evernote
  5. Splice

Restrictions to Add to Your iPad When Kids Use It.

  • iTunes and iBookstore off (no downloading apps)
  • Turn off allow installing
  • Turn off deleting apps
  • Siri on/explicit off
  • Adjust content age limits as appropriate
  • Turn in app purchase off
  • Accounts locked
  • Volume limit locked
  • Turn off multi-player games and adding friends

Don't forget your password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the many projects I completed at Camp Plug and Play!

My Pic Collage

I hope you enjoyed my Smore and my Reflection!