Welcome to the Two's

September 28 - October 2 2015

Let's Grow Fit Together!

Oh my! During outdoor play we will act like baby dinosaurs and try to across a river so we can go to Dino School! I hope we can make it in time.

Large Group Activities

We will be working on our cognitive development this week in Language & Literacy Center. Learning a new song called Polly Pointer. In Movement & Music will be learning Dinosaur stomp, I have something in my pocket, and Love Grows.

Small Group Activities


:) Please and Thank You

  • Please remember to check the File Box for art projects and important information.
  • Every Friday please take home all blankets and pillows to be washed. They may get dirty without the week.
  • Accidents happen at any time. Please make sure we have an extra outfit in the cubbies.