Qualities needed for marriage

The three most important qualities


Within marriage, patience means discerning what needs to be changed and what needs to be tolerated. On our wedding day we probably considered our spouse practically perfect—then we immediately set out to improve him or her. Of course, we quickly found out that he or she didn’t necessarily want to be improved. In fact, they probably had ideas for our own improvement


Respect begets respect. Respect in marriage is the key to fulfilling relationships and well-bred, considerate children. It may sound rather repetitious and stale, but when there’’s respect in a marriage, the integrity of marriage as an institution remains intact. What society needs is the dignity of every man and woman and child multiplied a million times over. If people respected each other and the property of their neighbors, there wouldn’’t be any crime. And we would even dare say that if there was respect in marriage, there probably wouldn’’t be any divorce.

The two main reasons for marriage is to have kids and unite with your loved one

How Patiences connect to the two reasons

With having children you have to have the patience to deal with them. Kids can be alot of work and without having patience the relationship with your spouse and even your child will fall.

How Hard Working connects to the two reasons

When creating a family or just being with your spouse you are going to need money. Being financially strong will allow the relationship of your family to

How Respect connects to those two reasons

In marriage being respectful is very important. Showing respect to your spouse will show that you care for them and appreciate them and then they are more likely to show you the same respect. Also if you do not set a good example for your kids they will grow up disrespectful.

Marriage Preperation

Preparing before a marriage is more important then it seems. It allows you to make sure the person you are marrying is the one for you. By going through preparation it will hopefully allow you to know that the one your marrying is the one you truly love which will hopefully push divorce out of the option.

How to prep?

Some things you should do before getting married is participating in Pre-Cana or retreats where you can talk to other couples or answer questions about yourself. By doing these things it will allow you and your spouse to realize if marriage is right for the two of you and hopefully bring the two closer

During the Marriage

During the marriage you have to communicate with each other. All the qualities stated above fall into play during marriage. By following the qualities and being open with each other the more likely the marriage will succeed and not lead to divorce because marriage is suppose to be for a life time.

During the wedding marriage consents are said by one another. The promises made by the bride and groom to honor one another and to be faithful in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health throughout their lives. By their consent to one another, the couple establish a permanent covenant in love. To follow up with these promises you have to be able to present the qualities above.

One of the main reasons to get married is to have children. By getting married in a Catholic

Church you are promising to bring your children up in that faith creating a domestic Church. A domestic church is a term for the family continuing to grow with the Church. Without the qualities stated the thought of even having kids would not be possible making your promise to the Church a lie.

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