Hunger Around the World

Jasmine Flores

What's The Problem?

Sadly, people all around the world are suffering with an empty stomach, hunger. Places like Asia, Africa, and other developing countries are going hungry. More then 145,000 children are underweight or born underweight due to not having food. Woman are giving birth to underweight children because they cant provide enough nutrition to themselves. Most woman die during child birth because they don't consume enough iron to give birth. These people are continuing their lives like this on a daily basis, living on a grain of rice a day. Its time to make a difference.

How can We Help?

The cause of this worldwide issue in mainly poverty. Majority of the people living with hunger are also living with poverty, making it hard to have the money to buy food. The farmers in developing countries usually can't afford seeds and when they can they might not receive enough rain to grow their crops. People can donate money to certain charities that can help this problem. There are also food drives that send canned food and some boxed food items to the people living with hunger. In the end it all comes down to selflessness and donating to the others who aren't as fortunate.
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