Social Groups in the 1940s

Baby Boom

Back in the day where men were at war there was not a lot of babies running around. Grown up kids roamed the streets. But, once the soldiers got back from war there was a boom in the population. Babies here and there and everywhere. There was a sharp increase in the U.S birthrate following WWII women role. Many young kids were now roaming the streets and sitters were needed by big families which gave other women jobs as well. Mothers and house wife's were mostly fine with this boom. Others were not.

Federal Communication Commission

The Federal Communication Commission controlled radio, broadcasts, telephone, telegraphs they had allowed 500 new TV shows in 1950. This time period was called the "golden age." It was not just called this for any reason. It was called this because it was the golden age for comedy. Milton Berie, Lucille Ball, Deso Arnaz were very popular back then for their funny personalities. They were the beat of entertainment.

Popular Groups in the 1950s.