Pathfinders Language Arts

May 2016

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Students have been actively engaged while reading this Shakespearean comedy, which examines the nature of love, friendships, and the difference between illusion and reality.

Following our study, students will participate in a Paidea seminar to discuss the major themes of the play and trace character development throughout. They will also have their last major assessment on May 16.

Friends, Roman, Countrymen...

Students will read, analyze, and write their own poetry during the final weeks of school. As part of this unit, students are busy memorizing either a Shakespearean sonnet or soliloquy, which they will recite in class the week of May 16. We have been using class time to discuss the pieces and rehearse, but students should be working on this daily outside of class, practicing pacing, volume, inflection, and posture to ensure they are well-prepared for the recitation.

A Day in Our Classroom

8th Grade End of Year Activiites

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Our 8-1 Trip