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Customer Newsletter- December 2014

December's Sister's Style Exclusive:

This delicate, feminine design features a soft blush sparkle base with a white crystal-like overlay. All that glitz and glam will have you feeling grateful ‘tis the season for Jack Frost to start nipping at your nose. Place your order here.
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Deadline for Christmas Delivery is Approaching!

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The Shipping deadline is only 2 days away!! Eeek. There is still time to shop, but don't wait too long! We want to make sure you have your Jamberry Nails Products in time to put under the tree or in that stocking!

Jamberry Nail products make perfect affordable gifts this holiday season. With our huge variety of items for Hand and Nail care, Jamberry is perfect for everyone. Why not shop in the comfort of your own home and in your pj's and secure those amazing nail wraps for your best friend who loves getting her nails done? Have a family member who need some papering? Why not Indulge her with our line of hand care products and help her Nourish her hands this winter? Does your sister love nail polish? Why not give her the gift of our non-toxic and longer lasting lacquer in the most trendy colors this holiday season?

Holiday Gift Sets

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Holiday Gift Sets are SOLD OUT!!!

But no need to worry! I still have 3 of these that you can purchase directly from me! Make sure to act fast, because our prepackaged gift sets are too hot to keep on the shelves.

This Joyful Holiday gift set include:
1 Holiday Gift Box
1 Holiday Gift Card
3 Exclusive Nail Wraps (1 Sparkle, 1 Glossy, 1 Tint)
1 Application Kit
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New Gift Sets Available!

Jamberry loves their customers so much, that they have created a brand new gift set, this gift set will include the very popular Holiday Exclusive wraps (all 3 of them) and this month's Sister's Style Exclusive! Make sure to get yours quickly, as they will be no longer available after December 10th.
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I am looking to build my team this month! Are you interested in making $400-$600 extra each month? Do you like having CuteNails? Do you need some "girl time" and love social events? Do you prefer to work from home? Do you spend lots of time on social networking sites? IF your answer is yes, to any of these questions, then Jamberry Nails is the company for you!

The great thing about being a Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant is that you can tailor your business to fit your wants, needs and schedule.

As a full time teacher, full time mother of 3 boys (all who play soccer), and active member of my church community, I have found that I can do my business as I choose to. Some days I work strictly online in my pj's, others it is while on my cell phone and then there are those days where I get to go out and have girl time with my party hostess and her friends. I love that I get to choose my schedule and can fit in by business with my very busy life.
Still not sure if you want to join this month? Check out all the reasons why you should!

  • Start your business in 2014 and claim it on your taxes.
  • Get all of December to train and be ready to hit the ground running in 2015
  • Take advantage of all the last minute holiday gift card orders
  • Purchase gifts for your friends and family
  • Have salon ready nails at a fraction of the cost for NYE
  • Host a NYE Nail Jam session

Check this out! Hear what other woman are saying: Why Jamberry? Why Not?!?!?!

Join the Jamily and help me pink out the USA!

Team CuteNails currently has a total of 56 consultants in a total of 10 different states. We have made it our mission to pink out the US Map! I am looking for consultants to join Team CuteNails! Take a minute or two to see what Jamberry Nails is doing for many other women. Click Here.
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New Team Members!

This month, Team CuteNails added a 2 new members, welcome to the Jamily!
I am so excited to have you on the team and get you started!

Elizabeth Ferrari
Monica Whinery
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Host your very own Gift Certificate Party

Starting December 11th, you AND your guests can walk away with some great rewards. Jamberry Nails will be giving each E-Gift Card purchase an additional 10% on the gift card purchase through December 31st. And you will still book the amazing and very generous hostess rewards!

Book your party soon and let's get you earning both free and deeply discounted items for yourself! Simply set a date, invite your friends and family and let's have a fun girl's night in! Every guest will leave with an accent nail of Jamberry Nails wraps on their fingertips and will be able to try all the different lacquer colors we carry. They will also get the opportunity to pamper their hands with our Indulgence Jamberry Hand Care line that is a biotin infused hand care system that will help you Buff, Nourish, and Quench your way to a state of serenity, all while keeping your hands looking and feeling beautiful. Check out the wonderful hostess rewards below.
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Earn all 3 exclusives when your party opens and closes this month and reaches 400 in sales!

January Host Incentive

Book and Win!

This month, when you book your party with me for January 2015, you will receive an additional free gift when your party reaches $150 in sales or more. You will be given a scratch off card, the gift that you win will be the one you scratch off of the card. This special gift will be in addition to the already generous hostess rewards from Jamberry.

But wait, there's more! When your guests order $50 or more from your party, they will also receive an additional free gift from me!

January is the perfect month to earn free products for both you and your guests! Book your party today!

Fundraising with Jamberry Nails

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Do you or an organization need to raise some funds for an upcoming trip, new uniforms, equipment, adoption fees, animal rescue efforts or medical bills?

The nail art studio is the perfect way to create those custom, sentimental or team spirit wraps that will have your friends, family and organizations loving your nails and is also an excellent way to raise money for you or your favorite group.

Create some custom nail wraps and open a fundraiser. A percentage of the sales will go back towards your organization, and you will not have to collect orders or deliver product. With Jamberry Nails Fundraisers, we do all of the work and you reap all the rewards! Contact me today to set up your fundraiser.
OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video

AS seen in

Thinking you've seen them before? Chances are, you have! Although we don't sell Jamberry Nails at retail stores, you will see them in the various magazines at the retail stores. See everywhere Jamberry Nails has been featured here.

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