COACHWAYS Q.R.U. is partnering with ALAN SEALE


5-DAYS training for leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs.

Led by Alan Seale, founder of the Center for Transformational Presence,

speaker, coach, teacher and author of award-winning books.

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TPLC is an invitation to 5 intense training days,

filled with inspiration, work, power and intimacy. After this time everyone will leave with knowledge, methods and insights enabling deep and transformational work with people.


Wednesday, Nov. 15th 2017 at 12pm to Sunday, Nov. 19th 2017 at 4pm

Stodoła Wszystkich Świętych Zwana Oczyszczalnią, Teresin, Poland (45 km from Warsaw)

The training will be lead in English

The TPLC Course in Poland is organized and hosted by


For whom?

TPLC is for leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, visionaries, teachers and all those who are ready to start creating the meaningful world.

With more than 600 graduates from 33 countries, Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching (TPLC) offers a fresh, leading-edge coaching approach to life, leadership, business, and government through the world. TPLC cuts to the essence of circumstances and situations, identifies emerging potential, and then partners with that potential to discover a clear path forward – a pathway that can lead us toward the world that works. TPLC brings a transformational coaching approach to being, working and leading.

Grounded in ancient wisdom traditions, quantum science, and evolutionary consciousness,

TPLC offers simple yet powerful tools, skills, language and structures for the new ways of thinking and fundamental shifts in perception. As a result next steps become clear, allowing us to move into effective and sustainable action.

TPLC is a transformational coaching approach whose time has come.

What is Transformational Presence?

Transformational Presence is about the level of consciousness in which we live.

It’s the way we are adapted to who we essentially are, and to the purpose of our lives. It connects us with our larger awareness and the potential of the moment. It calls forward the greatest and most beautiful in a person. Connection to that energy is required to make changes occur. In Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching, we help people to align their authentic self. This gives these people a deeper understanding of who they essentially are and what choices they make in life.

What will we do?

In Transformational Presence Leadership and Coaching, we work ‘inside out’.

We bring our client, coachee or employee in contact with the energy of his authentic self. From a deep understanding of who he essentially is and the choices he makes in life, we help create a situation where continued growth and change can be achieved.

Alan Seale has a style that is both thorough, very accessible and practical. He teaches several methods of how to apply this approach successfully in your own working practice. In the training you will learn to work with the premise that all thoughts, emotions or perceptions essentially are pure energy. Alan Seale lets you experience how you can step into that energy and can work with it.

What will you learn?

The basic principles of Transformational Presence Work including:

- The principles of the universal laws of energy.

- The principles of manifestation as alignment with that energy.

- The human energy of our mental, emotional and spiritual life.

- Developing a greater awareness and its use in coaching.

How to quickly cut to the essence of a situation and its potential, greatly accelerating

your clients’ transformation and success

How to use intuition in powerful and effective ways in your coaching

Specific tools and skills for coaching through energy awareness

How to create optimal conditions for transformation

How to most efficiently call forth your clients to their greatest potential and support

them in living that potential

The human energy system as applied to coaching

The power of a dynamic soul-ego partnership


"Everything I read about Alan's "Transformational Presence" and "Creating a World that Works", resonated with me. Without much thought, I signed up for it.

From the minute I stepped into the space and met Alan, Gabriella, Joanna, Michal, and all the other attendees, transformation began for me. I am flowing with it confidently knowing I have the support of all the holders I met during this workshop."

Mee Wah Tan, Bejing

“Working with Alan has been a life changing experience for me personally. His presence, his deep understanding of how our universe works and his ability to share this with his participants in a very simple and effective way is really impressive.

Without any hesitation I would recommend Alan to everyone who wants to discover their own full potential as individual or as a representative of their organization”.

Mark Braber,

Founder and director of Quinter, The Netherlands

Registration Fee

Early Bird - till July 20th, 2017:

  • € 1650 (excluding VAT 23%)
  • $ 1740 (excluding 23 %VAT)


  • € 1750 (excluding VAT 23%)
  • $ 1845 (excluding 23 %VAT)
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Accomodation (to be paid at the venue, separately)

Single room: € 360 / $ 375*

Double room: € 285 / $ 300*

*4 nights, breakfasts, dinners, 5 lunches, coffe breaks.

Including VAT 23%

The TPLC Course in Poland is organized and hosted by