"It comes in the form of Nature"

By : Tabatha webb

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Ralph Waldo Emerson (1802-1882)

Ralph W. Emerson was born in Boston , Mass. . He was an American Romantic poet, songwriter , essayist , and lecturer . In the 19th-century Emerson led the Transcendentalist movement. He was not only a writer during that period but he was also a participant in romanticism engagement during the 19th-century.
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A Rhodora Flower

This photo captures the actual Rhodora and how it stands out from the rest of nature.

"The Rhodora" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

On being asked, whence is the flower.

In May, when sea-winds pierced our solitudes,
I found the fresh Rhodora in the woods,
Spreading its leafless blooms in a damp nook,
To please the desert and the sluggish brook.
The purple petals fallen in the pool
Made the black water with their beauty gay;
Here might the red-bird come his plumes to cool,
And court the flower that cheapens his array.
Rhodora! if the sages ask thee why
This charm is wasted on the earth and sky,
Tell them, dear, that, if eyes were made for seeing,
Then beauty is its own excuse for Being;
Why thou wert there, O rival of the rose!
I never thought to ask; I never knew;
But in my simple ignorance suppose
The self-same power that brought me there, brought you.

(: Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Early Poems of Ralph Waldo Emerson. New York, Boston, Thomas Y. Crowell & Company: 1899. Introduction by Nathan Haskell Dole. )

Analysis :

  • Title- "The Rhodora" , Well because the Rhodora is a type of plant I believe that maybe Emerson will be referring to the beauty of the flower.
  • Paraphrase- When walking along in the woods there is a beautiful flower standing out of all the other plants. Nature is a wonder and how the beauty has become of it . Especially this very rose. Out of everything is occurred in the woods this flower is the seed in the spotlight.
  • Connotation- " beauty gay" These words are used to show how the flower's petals can turn beauty into something even more amazing. "Rival" I believe this word is used to show how devastated nature is by to beauty of this one flower.
  • Attitude- The poets attitude during this poem is affectionate .
  • Shift- There was a shift from calm to shock in line 1-2 .
  • Theme- The most important things in life an be so secluded but even when it is found it is questionable
  • Title- This poem is about the beauty of a flower and how it can be seen for its amazing beauty.
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This Image is an Image from the romanticism period.

I choose this image to compare to Emerson's work

because he did most of his work's about nature . He

talked about the beauty and the outside society of nature.

He would also choose one thing from nature and talk about

the symbolism of that object not only to nature but to humanity.

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"The Romantic Landscape" - Hans Scheboild

This Picture connects with Ralph Emerson's arts because he liked to write about

nature within a closed in place. Here in this landscape piece you can see how the beautiful river and valley are all at peace and they are enclosed. Emerson also liked to pick out a stand out object and in this photo the river stands out and this is what the picture is mostly focused on .

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