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What's going on in 6th grade house?

November 10, 2014


Please take a look at this week's 6th grade newsletter. Read on for 6th grade news, information about upcoming assessments, school news, and a few fun photos highlighting your child's time at school!

News & Updates

Relay for Life T-Shirts

Relay for Life T-Shirts are available for purchase in the school counseling center. These t-shirts make a great gift and proceeds will support MGM's Relay for Life efforts. Click HERE for more information.

Math Needs Your Help!

Math classes will begin their EL Case Study later in the year, but teachers are already planning. If you have expertise or experience in the areas of graphic design or architecture and would be willing to share with our students, please email Tracey West at

Upcoming Assessments

Check Schoology for more details. Email your student's teacher with specific questions.

ELA (Grade Level): Formative Assessment--Graphic Organizer and 10 Interview Questions due Tuesday, 11/11

ELA (Acc):

  • 3 Heartline Story Organizers and 10 interview questions due Tuesday, 11/11
  • 12 Greek Roots notebook check, Monday 11/17

Math (Grade Level): Test--Friday, November 14th

Math (Acc): Quiz--Friday, November 14th

Science: Summative Assessment is Nov. 11th. The test will cover asexual and sexual reproduction, plant parts, and plant processes.

Social Studies: Edited storyboards for sentence structure and conventions are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. The storyboards must include an introduction, facts about Ebola, connection to The Black Plague, conclusion, and must be at least one minute to one and half minutes worth of read material.

World Language Novice A French/Spanish: None

World Language 6th French Immersion: Summative 6.1 IPA

World Language Novice A Latin: None

World Language Novice B2: Summative Assessments

World Language Novice C: Summative Assessments

6th Grade Expedition: Me to We

Social Studies Case Study

Last week in science classes, students learned about the Ebola virus from MGM teacher, Dr. Daniel Crowder. He answered students' many questioned and shared factual information to help students understand the worldwide impact of Ebola. Thank you to the science teachers for helping make the scientific connection to the current topic of study in social studies!

In social studies class, students learned about Ebola prevention from guest experts, Chief Brian Hood and Assistant Chief Jason Hentz. Below are photos from these visits.

ELA Case Study: Who Am I?

Last week, students learned about interviewing from Trish Zimmerman. These skills will be helpful as students interview family members about their vignette topics. We are so glad our students got some expert advice! Students also got to practice their interview skills with one another.

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!