Softball expert piece

by:Natalie Hogan #14

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Softball is a sport that girls love! Softball takes skill,practice,and many strategies. You will need to have skill in batting,throwing and catching,and batting. Softball must me a fun sport!


In softball you need skill in a lot of positions. For example pitcher. Pitcher needs alot of lessons and practice. You will also need a good arm. The next position is catcher. The catcher needs a lot of time with a pitcher. Obviously you will need to be good at catching. Both positions take a lot of work and practice.

Throwing & catching

Another thing is that you will need to be good at throwing and catching. Throwing and catching doesn't come naturally. You need a good arm for both of them. You will need a good glove you cant use a old crummy one. When you throw you need to aim to the glove and foot to the target to make the ball go to them. For catching you need to keep your glove open and wherever the ball goes your glove follows it.


In batting the first thing you need is a good bat. I suggest a composite bat because it lets you hit further. You will also need a bat that you can actually hold. For example if your 4'10 you cant hold a 30 inch bat. (unless your really strong.) The things you will need for batting is a helmet to protect your head,batting gloves to not let your hands have blisters, and obviously a bat so you can actually bat. (lol)


To sum it all up softball is a great sport! If you practice a lot im sure you will be a expert. For about a decade ive been playing softball, and its been a blast!


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