Imagine It! Build It! Fly It!

Callie Smith, Jetaun Walker, Domani Samuels, Amelia Morrales

We chose a Della Porta kite.

We chose this kite because we could each personalize our own rectangle, then have one kite together.

Problem One

1.Under the direction of Harry Osbourne, The Edmonds Community College kite team kept a parafoil from August 21 to August 29, 1982. Their 180 hour and 17 minute flight created a world record for duration flying. If there were eight members of the team and each took three hour shifts watching the kite, how many shifts would each team member be responsible for?

Each Team Member Would Work 7.5 Hours

Problem Two

On May 16, 1987, Troy Vickstrom decided

to measure the speed of his maneuverable kite across the

beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. The kites speed of 108 miles

per hour was measured using a police radar gun.

Afterwards, the police issued a citation for exceeding the

maximum speed in an area with a posted speed of 20 mph.

(The ticket was a joke.) How can you measure the speed of

a moving kite?

You Can Measure The Speed By Determining The Wind Speed And How Heavy The Kite Is.

Model Kite

Making a model kite because we figured it would only take one day to make our big kite but that made us realize it would take several days to make one final draft kite. The picture shows Domani drawing the rectangle for our model kite.


We broke our kite into four rectangles. Each rectangle measured 266 centimeters for the perimeter and 4,016 centimeters for the area.