What does it do?

  1. Water carries vital minerals and nutrients to cells throughout the body
  2. Water helps to remove toxins and waste from our body
  3. It helps the body breakdown the foods that we eat
  4. It helps to regulate your body temperature due to waters high heat capacity it makes it difficult for your body to heat up or cool down by too much
  5. It works as a great lubricant for joints

Major source

Since most of the earth`s water is saltwater there only a little bit of water that we can actually drink safely and you can find this water in Icecaps/Glaciers, Ground and in surface water.

Too Much Or Too little

If you drink to much water you can over work your kidneys as they try to get rid of the excess water in your system and some of the water can flow into your bloodstream and dilute the blood of the necessary electrolytes. Also, they can start to become absorbed into the cells which will make them swell and this swelling can happen in the brain and can cause your brain to swell it can also cause harm to your breathing. Not drinking enough water can cause severe dehydration and even death a person can only live about 3-5 days without any water.

Interesting fact

  • Water accounts for about 80% of an infants weight at birth.
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Acrostic Poem

W.e need water in our daily life

A. major part of us

T.here is only a limited amount of drinking water on earth

E.ach one of us is made up mainly of water

R.ain is water that falls from the sky in a storm