By: Zach Lee

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Dear Nike,

No better felling then when I get that new shoe smell

Fresher than a spring breeze

Like a wizard making a new spell

I reach out and grab my Nikes

Pull them on my feet

They are

Comfy as a the softest cloud

Smooth as the purest silk

Magnificent as a majestic eagle spreading its wings to fly off into a deep red sunset

They make me feel relaxed as sitting in the shade on a warm summer day

When I wear you

I feel as strong as the Rock lifting a thousand pounds

faster than Usain Bolt shattering a world record and hearing fans cream his name

All the pressure off

It's just my Nikes and I

I'm a blur with my Nikes

Fast as a cheetah sprinting after a desperately bounding antelope

Can't even see me

People try to keep up

All they do is trip up

When they glance up from the cold hard ground thick mud covering their face

All they see are my beautiful piercing green Nikes

Running down the court

Legs pumping

Muscles flexing

So much sweat pouring off my face its like a raging river

I taste the sourness of salt in my mouth

Next thing you know

It's all over

The buzzer roars

Everyones jumps on their feet

All eyes locked on the ball flying through the air

Fans screaming like angry banshees so loud it could make you deaf


And it's all over

There's a reason Nike means victory

It's because no one can even compete

Before the battle is started they've already been beat

People who don't wear them

Just haven't realized

that the shoes they wear are inferior

Do their shoes give them the power to jump one thousand feet

Sprint at the speed of light

Make exery shot they take


On the torn up field

On the scuffed up court

It doesn't matter

When I wear my Nikes

They make me fly

Around the world

Through white wispy clouds surrounded by beautiful baby blue sky

Across the endless oceans full of green and turquoise churning water and silver jumping fish

Through fields full of long dark green grass

Feeling the wind blow through my face like an angry hurricane

Its like I'm in the flashing streets Hong kong

Nike shoe game is just too strong

Sincerely, Zach

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