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Principal's Corner

Gorrie Families,

This past Friday, November 13th we held our 5th Annual Walk-a-Thon. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, the generosity of all of you and supporters in our community we surpassed our goal and raised more than $65,000! I have had the pleasure of seeing this grow over the years. It’s astounding!

The Gorrie Staff would like to thank this year’s chair, Mrs. Carden, and her vast committee. Below you will find a detailed note created by the PTA to thank all of those that contributed.

There were far too many highlights to mention all of them, but some of my favorites were:

  • Seeing our staff and parents work together to create a wonderful day and year ahead for our students.
  • Thunderbug!
  • And, of course the fun dance delivered by the Dad’s Club. They practiced for several weeks to make that happen. Then, to see the students join in for the Electric Slide and a 2nd round of the Whip Nae Nae was what it is all about. It isn’t just the dancing, but that incredible feeling that we have such strong representation from our Dads and other father figures around our school.

The traveling trophy has found its home for this school year. Congratulations to Mrs. Slade’s class who won the class competition by raising $8,700! We look forward to working with our PTA to put all of the funds to good use.

To quote a former Gorrie student, “The Walk-a-thon is the funnest event ever!” I am looking forward to the Teach-In, Science Night, Winn-Dixie Math Night, The Gorrie Gala and everything else that is in store for us this year!

Marjie Sandler

Principal, Gorrie Elementary School

2015 Gorrie Walk-a-Thon: THANK YOU!

Dear Gorrie Families:

We would like to thank you for an amazing experience. From the individuals, to the families to the businesses in the community --- everyone’s generosity was just astounding. It has proven that Gorrie families and their friends and families are THE BEST.

Our thank you list is overflowing. Please visit our special thanks page here.

We appreciate the support you have all provided throughout this process. We are confident that the benefits all of our students will see in the coming year will be well worth all of your generosity.

We hope that you and your children have enjoyed the event, which was intended to be a day of community and school spirit. We look forward to updating you on how the funds were used.

The bag your child received last week contains items from some of our Sponsors. All of our amazing sponsors are listed here. Let’s show our Sponsors some Gorrie love!

With great appreciation,

Leah Carden

2015 Walk-a-Thon Chair