Fourth Grade PEAK

March 5, 2015

Power of One Projects - Due by April 9, 2015

  • Your child should be near completion with his/her project to impact the world/ community - please, don't let time slip away!
  • Don't forget to take photos of your child in action. You can put photos on a flash drive, email them to your child's account or save them to Google Drive. We will write reflections in class. If you have any additional flyers or material your child used, he/she should bring that to class as well.


  • Students are finishing persuasive nomination speeches.
  • Students are publishing writing on electronic Tackk boards.

  • Students have started working on public speaking techniques: eye contact, gestures, voice intonation

  • Some students have started filming speeches. We are editing the speeches on a MAC computer with the green screen editing tool. I am really excited at how the speeches are turning out!

PEEK ahead:

  • Students will make a bumper sticker with a slogan and trademark for his/her humanitarian.
  • Each student will write a radio script to advertise his/her humanitarian's positive impact on the world. We will record and edit radio commercials.


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: We continue to make great progress in topic study!
  • Science: Students have a checklist to prepare for our Consumer Report Testing Day. We will test on Thursday, March 26. Your child should have 3 of each brand he/she is testing plus any additional supplies (cups, napkins, etc) needed. Your child should also bring a water bottle on the testing day! Please discuss the test with your child. In class, we are making surveys, rating sheets, testing directions, etc. Here is a list of the products the students selected to test:
  • Dylan: legos

    Jack: lemon lime soda

    Drew: lemon lime soda

    Ethan: apple juice

    Ella: powdered donuts

    Olivia: microwave popcorn

    Emma Bowles: donuts from shops

    Emma Bland: chocolate pies

    Ellie: fruit punch

    Lauryn: dark soda

    Caiti: root beer

    Aubrey: donuts from shops

    Madeline: fruit snacks

Creativity and PGD

  • Team Challenge: Students participated in a team challenge --- "magic carpet". Students had 10 minutes to traverse a 15 foot gorge without leaving his/her "magic carpet" aka as a clipboard. - The team challenges are ambiguous and require creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and cooperation. The students discovered teamwork was a more successful way to move the group across the gorge than the individual first attempt (first picture). I love team challenges. It is an opportunity for me to see how the kids work together and to see creativity, critical thinking, and leadership skills emerge.

Technology Buzz:

Google Sites: Students are creating their own Google site --- it will house our PEAK portfolio.

I movie and Video techniques

  • Students are learning how to shoot video and edit it through Imovie. Students are examining a variety of video - shooting techniques!

Kahoot it:

  • Today students participated in an online quiz to test our knowledge of scientific vocabulary. The kids like it so much that some want to use this format for a topic study project for their independent research topic.

Easy Bib:

  • Students learned to cite sources through Easy Bib - what an awesome research tool!

Google Drive/Classroom:

  • Students are actively using their Chrome books
  • We have organized our Google Drives
  • Practiced sharing and saving documents
  • Bookmarked important websites
  • Actively working in Google Classroom


  • Set up a PEAK Powtoons account - we should have fun with this!


  • We introduced Edmodo another online learning tool!

Classroom Book Source:

  • Students learned how to check out books electronically from my classroom library.


  • There is a link on my student resource page for students to "Tweet" about the day. I will post 5 tweets a week on my classroom board - some may even make it to real twitter. Tweets should be relevant to our learning day.
  • Please follow me on twitter - you never know when a tweet will post about your child's PEAK day!

Create a Graph:

  • Applied our knowledge on how to make graphs online.


  • Online note taking application used during Topic Study.